It's time to be freed from your food, weight, and body image difficulties and to replace them with self-kindness, self-care, and sustainable wellness and well-being!

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I built this website because we need an alternative to measuring our worth by the number on the scale, or by our clothing size, or for that matter, by how we look in the mirror.

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I share my own thoughts here, along with inspirational and educational material from a growing community of trailblazers who are fiercely and non-apologetically leading the way for us to live beyond diet culture.

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No one is immune in a world that values youth, beauty and slenderness above all else. Visit this page for book and website recommendations to help you break free from diet and beauty culture.

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You are not the problem; diet culture is the problem

You know your worth  can't be measured on the scale. You know it's not good for your well-being, and you know that diets rarely result in long term weight loss. Diet culture harms us all, and I think you know that too. You know all that, but deep inside, maybe you still want to lose weight.

I get it if in your head you understand that you're valuable and worthy exactly the way you are, but a part of you still feels like you need to "fix" your body. It's not your fault; that's how diet culture keeps us trapped.

This website is devoted to exploring the possibilities for true wellness, well-being, and fulfillment that lie beyond diet culture. We'll also honestly and compassionately navigate the uncomfortable and sometimes lonely challenge of escaping diet culture for yourself, when the world around you still believes that weight equals worth.

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